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Travel-Perks Resort Vacations

Travel-Perks. The Absolute Best Vacation Club Ever

For taking unbelievably awesome RCI Resort Holidays from £209 per apartment per week. Join Today for for $395 / £299 for A Lifetime 

From Time Travellers, UK Trading Standards Awarded, Every Year Since 2011 Established 1987
"Buy With Confidence" Award 2011- 2021

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Travel-Perks Resort Holidays. All the fun, without all of the costs of owning a holiday week

  • Time Travellers - Special Platinum Lifetime Travel-Perks membership offer for $495 / £365 . Use your discount code:    timetravel    & see video
  • Get Travel-Perks for a 1 time price
  • RCI apartment weeks from just £225 per apartment per week
  • Zero monthly or yearly fees forever
  • With Time Travellers you can use your discount code ' timetravel ' and join NOW for $495 / £365 for a Platinum Lifetime.
  • Travel-Perks Platinum never charges a monthly, annual, or any recurring fees of any type! That's right, you buy it once and get it for life! You'll be able to book as many RCI Resort Weeks you want on Travel-Perks without worrying about additional running costs.
  • Less than the cost of an average management fee to have forever in  our limited special offer
  • Time Travellers are Trading Standards Awarded - Buy With Confidence

And this is why we set out to create a better way to take fabulous holidays in Resort Hotel style accommodations … a better solution… a solution that puts the opportunity into the hands of regular people like you and I, and allows us, as Travel-Perks members, to access fabulous RCI Resort accommodation , without owning a property with all the associated costs and with unlimited bookings and no yearly or monthly fees.

Travel-Perks. Without the high costs, the property complications, and complicated banking rules, just look, book and go.

What Is It All About -Travel-Perks Video

Travel-Perks RCI Resort Vacations

Introducing Travel-Perks

Apartments from £209 Per Week

Have you ever dreamed of a way to take fabulous holidays at RCI Resorts without all the costs and upkeep of an ownership?
Well stop dreaming and wake up to the World of Travel-Perks Hotel-Resort Style Holidays. Travel-Perks members have the freedom to book an unlimited amount of RCI weeks a year from just £225 per apartment per week and there are no running costs,  monthly or yearly fees for our Platinum lifetime members

With Travel-Perks you can join and be booking your RCI Resort holiday in minutes.
A once only joining fee through Time Travellers and you are a lifetime member, with no monthly or yearly fees, no management fees, no property upkeep costs or worries, no commitments or running costs. Just fabulous holidays all around the World with RCI apartments from £209 per week.

Look book and go. It's that easy and it is unlimited.
You can book weeks for yourself, your family and you friends with no guest certificates needed. You can go away with your family and they get their own apartment, with your friends, the pleasure is yours for the using. Better, because there is no ownership you are not diluting your options when you include others.

Travel-Perks is revolutionary in concept, awesome in options and low cost in use.
Join today and get up to speed fast with Travel-Perks intuitive and easy to use Worldwide search. Browse up to 4500 Resorts, checkout the TripAdvisor Traveller Ratings and full Resort information, book straight away or hold for up to 24 hours. You can look for more options, let your family choose which is their favourite before confirming. When ready, reserve your week/s and get your RCI confirmation by return and start packing!

There are no confusing or complicated rules, no minimum use, no commitments.
Once a Lifetime Platinum member through Time Travellers there are no running costs. So if you decide you don't want to book anything - you pay nothing. In effect Travel-Perks owners get all the benefits and none of the downsides of ownership.

Join Travel-Perks Today & Save  83%

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Travel-Perks helps you think outside the box of routine holiday accommodation.
Travel-Perks members can think outside the box of a standard hotel room. For less money you could be in an RCI Resort with Hotel Resort style facilities of indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools and in a luxury apartment suite with kitchen and lounge

When you become a Travel-Perks Platinum member.....
You get access to up to 4500 resorts in over a 100 Countries Worldwide, you have unlimited bookings and can book for yourself and your family and friends too. 

Travel-Perks Platinum Lifetime Membership has no running cost..
Join Travel-Perks Platinum and you have no running costs, no monthly fees, no yearly membership cost, Zero. All you pay for is the weeks you book. If you don't book any holidays in any year it costs you nothing. Because there is no ownership the meter of ownership isn't running. No pressures, no costs of an ownership to worry about.

Travel-Perks and Time Travellers.
Here at Time Travellers we have teamed up with Travel-Perks to offer you a once in a Lifetime special offer. Travel-Perks site normal Platinum membership price of £1691 ($2395) is slashed in our offer to for $495 / £365. See offer details

Time Travellers Offer in association with Travel-Perks gets you over 83% SAVING.  A once only £365  ($495) For a Lifetime Platinum membership.

Yes, that's a Platinum Lifetime ownership with ZERO  monthly or yearly costs. You can watch the video and join Travel-Perks forever with Time Travellers special discount code:   timetravel

Use your Travel-Perks Special Offer Code: timetravel
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To join Travel-Perks Platinum use the code:  timetravel and it reduces the cost to £365 for a Lifetime Membership

"Buy With Confidence 2022", Trading Standards Awarded since 2011

For over a decade we have been Trading Standards Awarded the Buy With Confidence Award all the way back to 2011. For many years we were proudly the only timeshare company to do so.

We have been vetted and approved by Trading Standards, monitored for customer service, audited by a Trading Standards Professional, reference checked and have a customer rating of 5 stars .

See our Trading Standards Approved page on the Buy With Confidence Website 

We would love to welcome you as one of our clients

Find out why so many people have joined us since 1987

Time Travellers was formed way back in 1987 and since then we have helped thousands of owners to buy their timeshare and helped those who wanted to sell too. We specialised in RCI and then RCI Points when they came out and have been  Marriott Timeshare resales specialists.
Now the big way forward is Travel-Perks Resort Holidays. Ideal as the new way forward to RCI Resort Vacations, excellent for Marriott or Interval International Owners to get access to RCI Resorts without all the costs of a full on ownership and gives RCI access.

Right now you can get discount code off a Platinum Lifetime membership with no yearly fees or running costs. That's right all you have to do to get your discount code is sign up to our mailer list for this and other great special offers. Join us now and get your discount code. This is a limited time offer.

Travel-Perks members have no maintenance fees, no ownership purchase costs, no yearly membership running costs, no  refurbishment costs, no Resort Ownership obligations, no exchange fees or guest certificates. They can just book what they want from availability at over 4500 RCI resorts around the World as many times as they want a year 

Travel-Perks Resort Vacations. All the fun, without all of the costs

  • Time Travellers - Travel-Perks Lifetime membership offer of £365 using the discount code:   timetravel
  • Unlimited booking live online from the members's website
  • RCI apartment weeks from just £225 per apartment per week
  • Hotels, Studios, 1,2,3 bedroom apartment suites at RCI Resorts, Canal Boats and much more
  • Search the database in the members section in UK£ or US$ or Euros €

Why would you buy ownerships with all the huge upkeep costs when you can just book and go. Travel-Perks is taking our ownership base by storm and now you have a unique once off opportunity to join them.

You can book instantly or hold for 24 hours whilst you carry on looking

Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia or Thailand. There is more, a whole World to choose from for Travel-Perks members.

A fabulous 3 bedroom apartment in Florida by Disney, an apartment suite in a brilliant resort in Vegas, Mexico, by the beach, New York for a few days.

Take a full week, a 3 day break, a 5 day break the World truly is your Oyster with Travel-Perks Resort Vacations.

Travel-Perks members choose online

Who we are

Time Travellers

Established 1987 in the UK, Licensed Travel-Perks vendors, RCI Points and Marriott Specialists.

Trading Standards approved and awarded "Buy with confidence" since 2011

Time Travellers are the future.

Staying with Time Travel...  back in the day Time Travellers were presented with one of our first yearly awards at the Brighton Amex Stadium
Time Travellers  -  Established 34 Years Ago


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